Wei-en (Annie) Wang

Dept.of Applied Physiology and Kinesiology

University of Florida


Wei-en (Annie) Wang is a doctoral student working at the Lab for Rehabilitation Neuroscience. Her research focuses on investigating brain mechanisms underlying motor and pain networks.
This research combines brain imaging (EEG, MRI/fMRI), electrophysiology recordings (EMG), motor analysis, behavioral measures to study pain and movement.


  • Neuroimaging techniques e.g. EEG, MRI/ fMRI
  • Motor Control
  • Pain processing


  • PhD in Biobehavioral Science, 2020

    University of Florida

  • MS in Rehabilitation Science, 2014

    Chang Gung University

  • BS in Occupational Therapy, 2012

    National Taiwan University


Matlab/ R/ Python








Research Assistant

University of Florida

Aug 2015 – Present FL
  • Conducting research
  • Analyzing data
  • Creating visuals
  • Publishing papers


Teaching Assistant

Chang Gung University

Aug 2012 – May 2015 Taiwan
  • Mentoring and teaching
  • Grading


Altered neural oscillations within and between sensorimotor cortex and parietal cortex in chronic jaw pain

Chronic jaw pain attenuates rather than magnifies neural responses to heat stimuli

Functional brain activity during motor control and pain processing in chronic jaw pain

chronic jaw pain is associated with changes in how the brain processes motor and pain-related information even when the effector …

(PERSPECTIVES) Neurophysiological evidence of the dynamic and adaptive pain-motor interaction

The dynamicand adaptive nature of the pain-motorinteraction suggests that regions beyond theprimary motor cortex play a critical role …


Project Overview

The framework of studying musculoskeletal pain

Thesis Project

Neuroimaging sensorimotor circuits in chronic pain using high-density electroencephalography

Recent Posts

Conference poster-SfN-2019

Title Altered alpha and beta oscillations in parietal and occipital cortices in chronic jaw pain Authors Wei-en Wang, Rachel L. M. Ho, …


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Fellowship/ Awards

Patrick J. Bird Dissertation Award

Received the highest levels of scholarship ($2000) in recognition of exceptional academic promise and scientific impact of Ph.D. dissertation.

Pain Research & Intervention Center of Excellence (PRICE) Travel Awards

Received $1000 for covering the costs of attending conference

Graduate Student Council Travel Award

Received $700 for covering the costs of attending conference

Graduate School Fellowship Award

Received 4-year full-tuition scholarship with stipend awarded to outstanding incoming PhD student